Globally Accessible
Passive Income
Secured By Real Estate

Earn passive income on debt collateralized by U.S. real estate,
issued on the blockchain

Typical Return

8-12% per year

Typical Term

12-24 months

Lien Position


Correlation To Other Asset Classes


Invest In Pre-Vetted, High Yield Debt, Collateralized by U.S. Real Estate

Invest fiat or crypto in shares of real estate debt, earn 8-12% annual yield, trade, and get monthly interest in stablecoin.

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Why Blockchain?
If cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are considered “programmable money” then you can consider Security Tokens a version of ‘programmable ownership'.
- Anthony Pompliano

Add real estate to your portfolio, without the headache

Real estate has long been providing consistent returns for private equity, hedge funds and family offices. Now, OpenLTV enables global, frictionless access to debt collateralized by real estate in the U.S. Invest using currency of your choice and collect stable monthly income.

How We Work

Originator issues loans, secured by real estate located in the United States

We vet the originator and the loans, those that pass are placed on the platform

You select projects you like, and invest using fiat or crypto

We pay monthly interest directly to your Ethereum wallet, in stablecoin, and return principal once loan matures

Why OpenLTV

OpenLTV vs US Stock Market

OpenLTV Possible Yield
US Stock Market Average Returns 1933-2015
According to data from Vanguard
Correlation To Stock Market


What is OpenLTV?

OpenLTV is passive income platform, powered by blockchain technology. You invest crypto or fiat in loans backed by U.S. real estate debt, get a digital security (token), and earn 8-12% passive income on your principal. In some cases, you are able to exchange or trade that token before loan matures, or you can wait until maturity, and recoup your principal.

Is OpenLTV available to people in USA and other countries?

OpenLTV is available in USA to accredited investors under Reg D 506 (b) , and to investors in other countries under Reg S and applicable local regulations.

How do I become an investor on OpenLTV?

If you are a US person or entity, you must pass KYC and be a qualified investor. If you are outside of US, you must pass KYC and conform to local regulations.

How do I know if I am an accredited investor?

You can use read more about it here:

What kind of risk protections are in place?

OpenLTV takes great care to vet each originator and loan on our marketplace, and requires some “skin in the game” from the originator. Typically, the Loan To Value is 75% or less, and Loan To Cost is 90% or less, though these numbers can vary. See disclosures on each offering for exact details.